Top 7 Arcade Games To Hire For Your Event

August 16, 2022

Top 7 Arcade Games To Hire For Your Event

We often find ourselves nostalgic thinking of gaming arcade machines and remember all the sweet memories we made around those OG gaming centers with our pals. 

What if I were to tell you that you could relive those childhood memories all over again! Not just relive, you’ll create more memories to last you a lifetime at your events. With Creative Arcades, you can play your favorite classics for unlimited fun! 

Enlisting Top 7 Arcade Games That Everyone Is Obsessed With!

A real game freak would never get bored of these, EVER! 


The iconic Ms PAC- MAN is our obvious “no.1 Choice For Arcade Games”. It is one of those retro games which will take you back to the days of tabletop arcades. The days when Pinky, Blinky, Inky, Sue, and Clyde would go around with your quarters and lighten up your day. 

This timeless classic was created as a sequel to the very first ‘PAC- MAN’ to pay regard to all its female players. (Yes, it has a huge female fanbase as well) and it was well deserved to be the “Most Successful Arcade Game Of 1982.” We cannot wait to bring your favorites to your event. 


For our diehard fans of driving and shooting games, this game needs no introduction! 

Intending to rescue civilian vehicles and fight off the enemy, this game is a true winner of the “Retro Gamer Award.” Playing from an overhead point of view, this game will bring back the gaming spirit to you with all the weapons, cars and smoke screens, oil slicks, and missiles on video arcades.

Does it remind you of the time when you used to drive past those winters? Well, we can’t wait for you to enjoy them again on our mini arcade machines!


Arcade Games

After its movie was made, it can be observed that the fans of ‘RAMPAGE’ are resurfacing again, and we couldn’t be more excited with the three monsters destroying the city in your wake. 

The game promises to give you everything it takes to have that adrenaline pump as you move around terrorizing people from town to city. We know you are all for it with video arcades


Mortal Combat- Creative Arcades

Ever since its launch in 1992, this game has seen the test of time in the gaming industry. Competing with several fighting games, Mortal kombat has emerged victorious, and it has pushed the boundaries of what a game can bring to our disposal when mixed with mythology. 

There is an upside to modern technology: we can play any game on our phones, but nothing beats the sweet victory of kombat over the stand-up arcades

#5. NBA- JAM

NBA - CreativeArcades

Your money will ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ and won’t fold because you won’t be seeing anyone ‘Dribble Dribble’ for sure! 

Play basketball and show off your best moves among all those NBA players with NBA JAM without exhausting yourself. Make your basket without fouls or false violations with everyone’s all-time favorite NBA JAM on arcade machines


Bring out your pro controller skills because we are about to introduce you to another one of our ‘All-Time-Favorite’ racing games - THE CRUIS’N BLAST. 

This game is engineered to give you a real-time racing experience, bringing out the ‘FAST n FURIOUS’ on your tabletop arcades. If you are a sucker for yetis, pirate ships, and missile-launching helicopters, then my friend, this is the one for you. 


NFL BLITZ - CreativeArcades

After basketball, we know our audience loves football. So bringing NFL BLITZ for all you football fanatics. 

This duo-player game enables you to play this game featuring seven-on-seven gameplay. Each quarter lasts 2 minutes and promises to give you ‘On-Field-Experience’ in the comfort of the tabletop arcades. It takes you through incredibly challenging levels throughout the game and enables you to play against your friends to beat’em up, not literally!

Now You Can Enjoy These Classics With Creative Arcades

Creative Arcades brings you a compilation of ‘All These Games’ and ‘Thousand Other 80’s Classics’ to your house, gaming center, event or wherever you want. Our arcade machines play not only great but also look great. We have arcade games for sale, ranging from the classic pinball machine, cocktail arcades, wine barrel arcades, and much more.

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