Our Best Selling Pinball Machine - TR2

Our Best Selling Pinball Machine - TR2

Preloaded with 327 famous Pinball Games; the TR2 Virtual Pinball Machine has all the pings and feedback to make you re-live all the classics you played growing up.

Introducing our most popular pinball machine, The TR2.

It comes with a 32 inch back glass display, a 15 inch Dot Matrix Display (DMD), and a 49 inch playfield. That will give you a large full size playfield. Each of these buttons on this machine will come with the haptic feedback motor. Similar to texting on your iPhone and immediately receiving that vibrational response. Giving you that sensation from every swing, flipper press, and ball tap that you remember from classic pinball machines. The TR2 comes with four speakers with RGB ring lights and an eight-inch subwoofer.

The TR2 has a digital accelerometer that will allow you to perform skill shots on the plunger.
It also comes with a nudge feature where you can physically push the cabinet from left and right to move the ball.

  • 9th gen intel processor
  • 8 Gigabytes of DDR 4
  • 240 Gigabytes of SSD Space
  • 1050 Ti from Nvidia
  • 4K Display Playfield
  • 327 Pinball Games