FAQs 1


My led’s are too bright is there a way to turn them down or off?         

Yes,  there is a switch inside the machine behind the coin door that will turn off the led’s.  We also have available a dimmer switch that can be installed to turn the lights down or up.

My machine won't take my quarter what am I doing wrong?

Before your machine will take quarters,  you have to put a quarter in the caddy of the coin device.  To do this you lift up on the part that has the green QC sticker and put your quarter in the slot of that caddy. You know when it is in correctly because when you insert a quarter in the front,  it will fall all the way through.

How do I setup my machine to accept quarters ?

Depending on your machine,  you have to get into the setup portion of it and take it off of freeplay mode.  If you are unsure or unfamiliar with the setup portion of your machine, then give us a call and we will help you.

How do I setup my machine to accept tokens?

You setup your machine to accept tokens the same way you would set it up to accept quarters.

How do I exit out of a game?

To exit out of a game just simply hold down the Player One button until it either takes you out or asks you to confirm by clicking on exit with the one player button again.

I started a two player game and it doesn’t switch to the other side?

There are a few games that were only made as a stand up arcade game so those games only know to use Player one Controls.  OR your machine is defaulted to either stand up arcade or cocktail arcade and if it is wrong then this will happen. If you are unsure just give us a call.

Is there anything I can do to make my trackball work better?

If your trackball becomes dirty or sticky or non responsive you could loosen up the control panel and tighten up your trackball by slightly tightening the nuts on the bottom of the trackball a little at a time.  We do not recommend cleaning your trackball with any kind of solution (windex or 409) chemical based cleaners would have a negative effect on the trackball.  We recommend some diluted simple green if you must clean it.

My joystick wont go up/down/right/left whats wrong?

When this happens we usually ask the customer to open the control panel and look at the wires that are connected to the joystick to make sure that they are all still connected securely and none are loose or broken.  If everything is connected then try switching with the other joystick to see if the problem follows the stick or the station.

Why didn’t my game keep my High score?

The 60 game package is the only one that saves high scores. All other game packages lose high scores as soon as the game is exited.

Can I pause a game while playing it?

Pause games by connecting a keyboard to the usb port inside the game cabinet and hitting the ‘P’ key and then ‘P’ again to unpause it.

I started a four player game but can only play with two people?

To play a four player game you generally have to start the game from the 3P/4P game menu.  For instance Gauntlet is a four player game but if you run it from the ALL category then you will only be able to play 2 people.  It must be run from the 3P/4P  game menu.

I'm pushing a button and its not doing anything?

Check the other side of the button to see that the wires are still connected.  Also check all of the other wires because a wire could come off of player 3 button c and it will effect the whole video game system.

How do I start a two player game?

Depending on the system that you have,  you may have to hit the player one button to get into the game and the Player two button to start the game.   Or hit the free play button twice for two credits and then start it with the 2 player start button.

Do I have to wait till the game is over to select a different one?

With the exception of our 60 in 1 game board,  you just hold down the player one button for about 5 seconds and it will either prompt you to exit or it will just exit you to the game selection screen.  In our 60 to 1 game board, You must finish playing it to exit back to the game selection screen.

My arcade only shows   * amount of games and I ordered * many games why cant I play all of them?

If you got a game system and it is not showing all of the games,  then it is because you have a certain amount that are horizontal and the others are vertical and if you add those numbers up it will total up to your system number 412, 1162, 3500 etc.

How do I map different buttons to do different things?

This is done by plugging in a USB keyboard and while you are in the game that you want to reconfigure you just hit the TAB key and it brings up a submenu.  The second choice down is configure (this game) and that is where you assign buttons. See the pdf file custom configuring

What is the proper way to shutdown your arcade machine?

We generally ask that our customers exit out of the game they are playing and are on the game selection screen before they power off their arcade cabinet.  To power it off you simply just flip the switch in the back.

I'm hitting the free play button but nothing is happening?

Did you try all of the free play buttons?  How about the one inside behind the coin taker?  The one above the coin taker on the outside? The one that is on the control panel?  If you had one and it stopped working, then you probably have a wire that is disconnected in your control panel. 

I have a three sided machine,  how do I switch from the one side to cocktail mode?

There is a button that is usually located right next to the player one start button on the two controller side that is white and has nothing on it.  Hit that button for about two seconds and the screen should switch. If not then player one button B should do it.

My cocktail table is not switching sides in any game?

Your table is probably defaulted to stand up mode and must be configured to cocktail mode and this is done by going into the setup of your machine.  If you are unsure on how to do that then give us a call and we will walk you thru it.

Why are some games sharing the same controls for two player but others don’t?

Some games were only made as a stand up and when that is the case then the game does not know how to turn itself upside down for the other player so for those games each player must share the controls.

Volume is too loud,  how do I turn it down?  Is there an easier way?

You have to open your machine by using the key that came with it and locating the little amplifier inside.  It's right inside the machine glowing and changing colors like a summertime rave concert.

My screen is dead with nothing ever being displayed?

Is your screen powering up and saying no signal? If so then check your vga cable that it is secure on the motherboard and that it is connected securely to the screen. Try plugging in a separate plug to the screen and seeing if it powers up.

How do I setup my machine to take tokens?

You simply insert a token into the coin caddy like you would a quarter.

Can I upgrade my cabinet from 60 to 412 or 1162?

YES!  Give us a call about upgrades and we will help you get setup.

How do I change categories on my game selection screen?

Simply by hitting the player 1 ‘a’ button and sometimes the player 1 ‘b’ button but you will see what category you are in.  It will be red and on the top left corner saying maze or gun or all and have the number of those games in that category.

Dragons layer is not working right how come?

Exit out of the game and then run a different laserdisc type game like Space Ace and see if the problem follows to it as well.  Then come back and reload Dragons Layer. Sometimes the timings get screwed up and the game becomes unplayable. If this happens you just simply have to reload it so that it calibrates itself again.  If you find that you are still having a problem then give us a call and we will try and get to the bottom of it. 

How come my game looks stretched sometimes?

Because it is and this is done because those games back then were maximum 360 by 240 mostly and some were on a crt screen.  Well nowadays we have LCD LED hi definition screens and when you try and fit it on the screen, it comes up a little bit short and a little bit pudgy.

My trackball doesn’t work?

Open up the control panel and get to the back of the trackball and slightly tighten up the nuts that are holding it to the control panel.  Do each one at a time and take little turns to tighten it up. If that doesn’t work you could remove it and open it up and service the rollers that are inside of it and clear them of any hair or dirt that may have accumulated inside.

Can I leave my machine on all the time?

Yes you can but we do not suggest leaving it on for long periods of time because it could burn an image on the screen after showing the same thing over and over and there is no screen saver until the next release.

Is there a way to add games to my system?

No,  at this time we are unable to add or remove games to the system.  Hopefully the next release.

Can I make a custom game list of the games I play most frequently?

Next release this will be available.

When I turn on my machine,  nothing happens, no screen, no leds no fan?

Open the machine and check that everything is still connected and available.  Try a different plug to the wall to make sure that the wire/plug are still good.  Give us a call to troubleshoot.

Can I connect my own custom controller to your system?

Some of our systems will allow you to connect a usb controller and use it but again it depends on which one you have.  Call us and we will help you.