The Best Arcade Machines For Your Home Or Game Parlor

The Best Arcade Machines For Your Home Or Game Parlor

The Best Arcade Machines For Your Home Or Game Parlor

From classics like Donkey Kong to later entries like Street Fighters II and Out Run, arcade machine games have always been a big hit. Everything has to start somewhere, and ever since the 70s, gaming has been more than merely about having fun. It’s more of the enthusiasm and the craze!

The timeless masterpieces like Pac-Man (1980), Space Invaders (1978), Asteroids (1979), and many others are still lauded as being the indispensable cornerstone of the modern gaming arena. The craze for these classics is not fading away any soon as the hardcore fans still battle for the highest score in the joint. 

Experiencing the vintage games on an actual cabinet can never be coequal with having console ports and collections. Here at Creative Arcades, we understand the nostalgic emotions of all the arcade game freaks. Therefore, we bring you the best classic arcade machines to get in the retro feels at your home or game parlor. 

List of Top 3 Collections of Classic Arcade Machine 

Perhaps, we have a much larger collection, but all cannot be covered here. That’s why we have come up with a list that will come in handy to help you with selecting the popular ones. Let’s get started!

  • TR-2 SLIM Terminator Series Light Gun Arcade (4P)

  • The mainstream video game culture now is oblivious of the light guns, but it was then a “craze” in the arcade era. What hits the most is the nostalgic feel of this product; therefore, we have brought in the splash with the exciting TR-2 SLIM Terminator Series with 9043 classic arcade games.

     A gaming freak can never deny their love for light gun games, and this series is a complete bonanza for them. 

    What else do you get?

    You get a good run with all your all-out frantic actions, the James Bond moves, or your tactic-based mechanics. There is plenty of room for every gamer to enjoy. Not only that, but you also get the highest quality SANWA joysticks, a giant 43” HD LCD monitor, and included stools with this purchase. 


    As this is a four-player stand up arcade, you get friends to beat’em up FTW. 

  • 3-Sided Tilt-Screen Cocktail Arcade With Trackball (2P)

    No matter if you are a loyalist of the classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, or more crazy about Mortal Kombat, or other “modern” options, we have the perfect classic arcade machine for all!

    With the true showstopper “cocktail cabinet” at your place, you can enjoy your favorite arcade games on the premium tilted screen. You get this “plug and play” cocktail arcade machine with exciting 1162-4500 pre-installed classic games. 

    There were times when you had to drop quarters after quarters for your games, But not anymore! You ain’t gonna stop when it shows “Game Over.” Play limitless with your friend, mate, or kids and save your quarters with this tilted screen cocktail arcade that features a high-quality 26”-32” screen with a premium joystick and includes two stools. 

  • Virtual Pinball TR2 Machine 

  • It is interesting to note that Pinball machines and pinball games have been around the corner since the 1930s, and its popularity has not decreased since then. You can see dozens of game freaks gathered in game parlors to hit their scores with this staple. 

    With the evolving time came the advancing technology, which has been attributed to the feature of virtual pinball gaming. You get the target solenoids and the rumble motors to make it even better. 

    Creative arcades has a large collection comprising different pinball games machines to hit the nostalgia right on the spot. You get preloaded 327 popular as well as authentic games with our Virtual Pinball TR2 Machine. Transform your space into a retro pizza parlor and make it a family and friends night with the high-quality screen and classic pinball buttons that flows the true retro essence. 

    All these classic arcade machines are manufactured by Creative Arcades and are of the best quality for an unparalleled feeling of precision craftsmanship. All of our arcade machine games come jacked with a “quick set-up, plug and play” feature and unlimited classic games. Visit us now!


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